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VizSource turns a simple pencil sketch into a stunning rendering for a private builder

3D Rendering of a Bahamas Glass Beach House

The benefits of virtual presentations are twofold – designers can now communicate their concepts and ideas in great detail while investors or buyers get an extensive view of the future project, even before a single brick has been laid. Accelerate the concept development and design process with photorealistic 3D renderings.

At VizSource we can render your original concepts into 3D visualizations to capture your imagination outside the limits of the possible. Whether it be a futuristic building design, a grand master plan, or a new product you want to test out, your ideas can be transformed into 3D visual imagery effective for presentation.

Miami builder Kelly C. Cook, approached VizSource with just a simple sketch and some reference images to represent the concept design he wanted to illustrate to his client. Mr. Cook is currently working on a residential project for a client with property in the Bahamas, who is looking to construct a luxurious residence as a vacation spot ideal for entertainment. “I knew I wanted a structure with lots of glass and curves.” stated Mr. Cook.

Although he had an in-house graphic artist, Mr. Cook knew he wanted top quality work. Working diligently with the VizSource staff, Mr. Cook was able to bring his vision to reality.

“VizSource saved me thousands of dollars that I would have otherwise had to pay an architect to create this vision” -K. Cook

The Glass Beach House sits on the pristine beaches of the Bahamas, capturing the breathtaking ambiance of its surrounding with its floor to ceiling glass structure and sweeping curved design. Its unique features are what make this house so intriguing and one of a kind.

“It is a masterpiece. I love it. Thank you so much. Your patience and design skills were the catalyst that made my Glass Beach House successful!” – K. Cook

Company: Private Independent Builder Rendering Project: Bahamas Glass Beach House Project – Concept to Reality


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