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"Vizsource, the pricing is terrific, and everything is about getting the best bang for your buck"

3D Rendering of a Restaurant Interior

Beyond helping our customers, VizSource’s 3d renderings have a level of professionalism that can’t be beat. Jackson Santos is the head of a restaurant interior design company, and he came to VizSource for just that. “The client wanted a 3d rendering. I’ve got rendering experience myself, but times change. I find it easier to hire VizSource, rather than try to handle it all myself.”

Santos was enthusiastic when he was hired to design a live Sports Bistro. “It’s a huge project. There’s basketball courts, a soccer field, a gym, swimming, tae kwon do, tennis, and there’s also a bakery, yogurt, and coffee shop on top of the restaurant itself.” Such a massive project required attention to detail. “I just didn’t have the time to hold the project and try to do a rendering myself. VizSource was by referral. A lot of rendering companies I’ve used in the past send the work off to China, which creates a lot of frustration with communication. You guys follow what I said.”

Indeed, Santos was impressed with the speed at which VizSource produced quality renderings. “I liked working with Vanessa, and I was glad that the 3d rendering was 80% finished in the first go-around. You correct whatever is amiss.” The clients find the renderings useful in analyzing the design. “They’re focused on using the rendering to fix issues, but they always think the quality is very good.” Santos is proud at how his project has come along. “The bistro will really make this area great. And Vizsource, the pricing is terrific, and everything is about getting the best bang for your buck. I’d give you an A.”


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