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"VizSource's 3d rendering brought the project to life, and they put their own spin on it."

Architectural Rendering of a Pool Area and Apartment Building

Although architectural designs are a necessary and helpful part of the construction progress, sometimes a 2d blueprint just isn’t enough. That’s the problem Lindsey Heaton of Pegasus Development faced when she decided to look for a 3d rendering company. “We wanted to showcase our building,” Heaton said. “We planned to send it out to brokers to hopefully sell the property.”

Heaton’s expectations in a 3d rendering company were simple. “I was looking for whatever was the cheapest, with the quickest turnaround. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.” Still, Heaton and her co-workers at Pegasus were quite pleased by the 3d rendering work done by VizSource. In particular, she found herself happy with the amount of detail VizSource added to the project vision. “We had a lot of issue with the design plan’s lack of details. VizSource’s 3d rendering brought the project to life, and they put their own spin on it.”

VizSource’s greatest contribution was to use their 3d rendering to expand upon the project blueprint, something that left many surprised. “Everyone was impressed with how the 3d rendering turned out, since there was such a lack of detail in the designs we gave them.” In addition, Heaton was glad to see how the 3d rendering helped the project turn out successfully, allowing her to sell some of her projects. In the end, Heaton was satisfied by VizSources’s work. “VizSource was good and convenient with a quick turn around. They were easy to work with, and good with following up.”


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