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"VizSource is punctual, professional, and makes a good product"

3D Rendering of an Office Exterior

Central Texas Tilt Wall is a design-build commercial builder. The company was pushed into ordering a 3D rendering. Raul Saucedo is the project manager. “When we first reached out to you, it was to fulfill client request”, Saucedo said. “The project owners wanted it. We decided to work with them.” Saucedo notes that 3D renderings help with city approval as well. “The city wants to see the design before we build it.”

Saucedo has approached VizSource for a verity of projects. From commercial offices to Ditch Witch construction stores, VizSource has proven their capabilities. “I can tell when people are experienced. I am an artist, I pick it up fast.” Saucedo was hoping for punctuality, but was also enthused by the accuracy. “I love how you implement Google Earth into the rendering. That’s cool.” Saucedo has grown fond of the VizSource team as well. “They’ve always been very good. The project managers always take care of the process.”

As usual, Central Texas’ customers found the 3D rendering helped them understand the concept. “People just don’t understand plans. Flat drawings, black and white, they’re confusing for most people. The 3D rendering is a good visual.” This helped the company to use the 3D renderings for advertisements. “VizSource is punctual, professional, and makes a good product.”


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