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"Vizsource is easy to deal with, responsive, and has quality images."

A 3d rendering is the best way to create excitement and awareness before construction. Bob Hartwell is a real estate broker who was hired to help with a housing project. "I'm in charge of the marketing," Hartwell said. "We wanted to get the word out there, and needed a representation of the plan." As a picture wasn't an option, Hartwell wanted accuracy. "Some 3d rendering companies aren't as detailed. We wanted someone who would it get it right."

Throughout the process, Hartwell and VizSource kept in touch. "We sent messages back and forth, and I got good responses that clarified the details." VizSource incorporated changes based on Hartwell's requests. "I wanted some tweaks done, and there was no issue."

Just as Hartwell had hoped, the rendering gave a beautiful representation of the design. "The image was crisp with lots of details and color on the environment." The builders loved the rendering, and it was used to promote the property online. "It was up for a while, and the home sold for a good price." Hartwell was proud to have worked with VizSource. "Vizsource is easy to deal with, responsive, and has quality images."


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