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"VizSource can accommodate and walk you through to a stunning finish."

The global pandemic has caused a dramatic shift in the real estate industry, as it has across society. Lelia Goreil, marketing coordinator at a land-lease company, has worked to adapt. She believed now was the time to get on-board with the 3D rendering trend. "3D renderings have been around for a while, but they're only getting more important," Goreil said. "For this project, we needed a quick turn-around, and we wanted to offer our customers a virtual experience."

This was the first time that Goreil had worked on a 3D floor plan. Nonetheless, the multiple rounds made it easy for Goreil to break the project down. "Having multiple rounds was a great resource. We were able to be a part of all the big and little details. These projects can be like herding cats sometimes, so I can't praise it enough." The rendering looked realistic, and gave a much clearer picture. "I like the dollhouse view. It gives you a better sense of the furniture placement and how it all comes together on the inside. A floor-plan just doesn't do that."

With no snags, the rendering was completed efficiently, and Goreil was able to use it to sell the properties. "The renderings have really increased the creative interest. People really like it a lot. It's art, and it brings the project to life." With buyers found, the project was able to move on towards completion. Goreil couldn't be happier. "With the right preparation, VizSource can accommodate all deadlines, as much or as little detail as possible, and walk you through to a stunning finish."


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