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Using 3D Renderings to Help Clients Make Decisions

Photorealistic Architectural Rendering of a Modern Home

3D Rendering of a Private Residence Architect Erik Garcia of Rispoli Sosa Architecture approached VizSource to create a 3d rendering of a new house he was designing for his client. The project was slated to sit on an empty lot and Erik wanted his client to see how the house would look once it was built.

Erik wanted to help his client visualize the project in a more realistic sense. He said that the 2D drawings he was using before were just not effective enough in highlighting what he wanted to do with this project. More and more architecture firms are using 3D renderings over traditional artistic and hand draw 2d renderings because unlike 2D renderings, 3d renderings allow their client to see specific points of design better, and from different aspects and angles. Photo-realistic 3D renderings allow the novice client to visualize the design elements that the architect has worked into the design, unlike 2d renderings which almost always appear flat to a client’s eyes. This helps keep projects moving toward completion.

Once the VizSource team completed Erik’s 3d rendering, he then presented it to his client so she would have complete understanding of the house design he had in mind. He reported that the renderings specifically helped his client understand the spatial relationships within the design and that decisions on colors and design details were made easily as well.

Because of the quality of work provided by VizSource, Erik said he plans on using the VizSource team again rather than relying on hand-drawn renderings. While hand-drawn renderings give a rough idea of how a project will look like upon its completion, more and more clients are looking for 3D renderings of designs since they have an easier time visualizing the details of the project, that would otherwise cause hesitation and extend project completion time-lines.

Mr. Garcia appreciated the way communication was carried out between him and the team working on his project. He said he enjoyed his experience with the team, who were receptive of his ideas. He was able to make corrections and have these discussed so that everyone was on the same page about where the project was headed.

Below are some of Erik’s responses to his optional survey sent at the end of his project:

Q. Overall, how satisfied were you with your VizSource experience? A. Wow, blown away!

Q. What can VizSource do to improve our service? A. Fileshare service through FilesAnywhere was a bit inconvenient. Downloads sometimes crashed.

Q. Would you recommend VizSource to an associate or a friend? A. Yes

Q. How would you rate the VizSource value? A. Fair and square

Q. What was the PRIMARY reason you selected VizSource for your rendering needs? A. Other: Quality vs. value of rendering

Q. A penny for your thoughts… Anything else we should know? A. Great communication, value and quality! Definitely will recommend!


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