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"This was the single best experience I've had with a rendering company"

3D Rendering of Luxury Townhomes

Danelle Hoffer is the CEO of Cedar Green Hospitality. The company works to design hotels, resorts, and high-end residential projects. “We were hired to design eight luxury town homes,” said Hoffer. “We’re working with the municipality, and they wanted to see a beautiful marketing quality 3D rendering for marketing.” The homes were being built in a historic downtown setting with specific architectural requirements. “Elements like the type of brick, the rooftop, the doors, and the windows all needed to be very specific.”

Hoffer needed a realistic and specific 3D rendering. VizSource gave Hoffer the “single best experience” she had had with a 3D rendering company. “We delivered the info, and after the first go around, we only needed two more edits. The quality of the 3D rendering was quite near perfect.” VizSource was able to deliver on the specifics of the project. One of the specifics of the design was that the fourth floor had to hidden from the street level. “The rooftop came out great, and there was careful thought in depicting as requested. The 3D rendering design was traditional, but modern.”

Those involved in the project approved of the 3D rendering. “We’ve gotten some great feedback. People say it’s beautiful and that they would want to live there. We’re going to build as is, with perhaps only a few edits.” Hoffer enjoyed working with VizSource, who made the process simple. “It was a pleasure working with Jennifer. She asked all the right questions.” In total, Hoffer said it was a “definitely very positive” experience.


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