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"This is a growing field. People are getting better, but VizSource is still one of the best."

3D Rendering of a Luxurious Mansion

Greg Hyatt is the owner of a home design company. He believes 3D renderings are invaluable. “They help the client understand our design. People who aren’t in the business don’t get it without a 3D rendering.” Hyatt’s company often worked with a realtor who was a frequent VizSource customer. It was this realtor who brought VizSource to Hyatt’s attention. “The homes we design have always resulted in fantastic renderings.”

A project in Orlando, Florida, required community approval. “They wanted to know detailed descriptions of color and materials.” Hyatt needed a company he could trust with accuracy. “I’ve seen plenty of CGI companies. Many have this sterile effect to their images. VizSource was more than life-like.” In addition, Hyatt discovered VizSource was very easy to work with. “I had no problems. We collaborated step by step and VizSource explained everything well. I answered questions and made all selections up front, so in the end it was pretty effortless.”

The reception to VizSource’s 3D rendering was fantastic. “The client was happy, and so was the community. They loved the colors and the textures we selected. We loved it as well. So, it was an all-around win-win.” The quality and detail of the 3D rendering is a cut above the competition. “The rendering was very crisp and life-like. This is a growing field. People are getting better, but VizSource is still one of the best.” Hyatt reported that the experience “far exceeded” his expectations.


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