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"They knew what they were doing, and where able to do what needed to be done in a timely manner."

3D Rendering of an Apartment Complex

Eric Wilson required a visual element of an incomplete house as part of the design process. He needed approval for his planned design, and for this goal, he decided to use a 3d rendering. Wilson was hoping to find a 3d rendering company that was capable in what they did. “I wanted a 3d rendering company who knew what they were doing. One that could get the project done effectively,” Wilson said.

Knowing he had found just the experienced company he had been searching for, Wilson decided to come to VizSource for his 3d rendering needs. Of course, VizSource demonstrated their usual prompt and efficient work ethic. Wilson was naturally impressed by their speed and effectiveness. “VizSource’s 3d rendering process was fast. They knew what they were doing, and where able to do what needed to be done in a timely manner.” When he came in contact with VizSource for the review process over the preliminary designs, Wilson was further impressed. “I was pleased by the review process. They called me to go over the preliminary 3d rendering and we were able to go over any modifications that needed to be done.”

VizSource completed Wilson’s 3d rendering effectively, based upon his direct specifications. The final 3d rendering was an impressive piece, and Wilson was able to gain the design approval he had been seeking. Wilson knew his success was in no small part thanks to VizSource’s 3d rendering quality. “My experience with VizSource was excellent.”


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