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The “Ultimate Green” Luxury Home

3D Rendering of a Renewable Energy Home

When Paul Welch, approached us about his rendering project, we were excited to be part of a unique renewable energy project.  Paul Welch, located in Eastport, NY, designs and develops construction that does not use fossil fuel.

Mr. Welch discovered VizSource after seeing an advertisement in a local real estate and home design publication that featured a VizSource 3D Rendering.  Paul went to the VizSource website ( and browsed the 3D renderings gallery.  Impressed by what he saw, Mr. Welch contacted us and started a rendering project.

Paul appreciates that VizSource takes the time to speak with each client individually in order to gather materials, review changes, and discuss the unique nature of each project. When asked about his overall experience with VizSource, Mr. Welch said that his experience was very positive. He enjoyed working with the VizSource employees he encountered and felt that the overall process was very user friendly.

The following describes Paul’s exciting renewable energy project and how the rendering VizSource produced will aid him in demonstrating a luxury home that is off the power grid.

The “Ultimate Green” Luxury Home in a Estate Setting

Designed by a world leader in net-zero, the VizSource rendering seen above, illustrates the completion of Phase II.  Phase I was completed in 2007 and earned a five star plus H.E.R.S confirmed rating for this Hamptons shingle style home, which includes the driveways.

The completion of Phase II will add a heated in ground swimming pool, Jacuzzi, outside bar, pool house with changing rooms, and brick paver lounging area. The trellis over the pool house and bar will have solar photovoltaic modules on top to provide additional electrical power. The carport shown on the east side of the property will also have solar photovoltaic modules on top to create more electrical power and contain two battery charging stations for electric vehicles.

All of the existing (Phase I) building integrated solar PV and new solar PV (Phase II) will be connected to a new combined electrical storage and mission critical power system (UPS) to be located in the electrical room at the lower level. The Phase II electrical system for the home and property will be backed up by a silent generator powered by B100 Biodiesel fuel (non-toxic, zero carbon emissions), (not shown in rendering), when Phase II is finished. To provide privacy and security, the property will be enclosed by privet hedges and sentry controlled electrically operated gates at all entrances to the property. Plantings will also be added as part of Phase II along with a barbecue area not shown.

When Phase II is fully completed, the home and property will be off the grid (no more brown outs or black outs to worry about) and will not need fossil fuels of any kind for heating, cooling, and hot water. The home and property will be totally energy independent, generate zero carbon emissions, and will not have electricity, heating, cooling, or hot water bills.

For more information on this renewable energy home, please visit:

To learn more, contact Paul Welch at:

Phone: 631-581-0200 – or – 805-681-0600


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