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"The sympathetic approach made me feel at home."

The mark of a good partner service is one that will not only deliver a consistent service, but also help to develop their client's concept. Martin Santini is the principal owner of an architectural company. "We do architectural services", Santini said. "All different kinds of projects. Anything." Santini often needs to sell various committees on his project concepts. "We used to build models, but that's become impractical. A 3D color rendering is really what you need to use to show people how the building is going to look."

VizSource has given Santini a reliable partnership. "The first project we worked on together was a unique urban concept. It was a storage building that had to fit in with the commercial scene. Paige helped with that a lot." Santini spoke highly of his experiences with both Paige and Michael. "Both of them are great. Their sympathetic approach made me feel at home." The projects that Santini has worked on with VizSource have been successful. "Clients have responded very positively. It's been a success." Santini has found in VizSource the service he needs. "A reasonable price, good turn around, and a lack of nickel and diming over minor issues. I got what I expected."


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