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"The project went well, and VizSource's process just works"

3D Rendering of a Senior Living Facility

As people approach the end of their lives, families want to know that their relatives will be taken care of. It’s for this reason that Senior Living Centers have been created to ensure the well-being of people too old to take care of themselves. Belle Forte’s company specializes with such buildings. “We were doing a renovation, and we wanted to show what it would be like,” Forte said.

VizSource was hired by Forte to produce a 3D rendering of the renovation plans. Forte approached VizSource looking for a reasonable time-frame and price. She enjoyed working with the VizSource team. “Me and Vanessa worked together. She was very helpful, and she made it easier for me to upload materials.” Forte found the process to be notably organized, and reported that it went off without a hitch.

The final 3D rendering was “pretty much” what Forte expected and needed. “It looks good, and I was able to deliver it to the marketing department.” Her co-workers all liked the rendering as well. With the project completed, Forte has said she will continue to use VizSource. “The project went well, and VizSource’s process just works.”


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