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"The look was professional, the job well done...The rendering made the project come alive."

Construction proposals can be a worrisome for local residents as well as investors and planners. Leroy Stevens is the Principal of an Architectural company that was interested in constructing a high-rise condo, the first in the area. The project was an ambitious step forward, and Stevens knew he needed to present his vision perfectly. "We wanted to show the owners how the building would look. We believed that a rendering would help people to understand our ideas."

The rendering needed to be as pristine as possible. "We wanted someone with expertise, a company that could give us a quick turn-around." VizSource was prompt, and kept in-touch. "The responsiveness was remarkable, they got right back to me whenever I needed them." Stevens loved the look of the rendering. "The look was very professional, the job was very well done." People responded well to the rendering. "It looks good, and we're planning on coming to VizSource again in the near future." The visualization eased any concerns, and today, the building has finished construction. "We were able to show them what we wanted to make, and the rendering made the project come alive."


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