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“The clients loved the rendering. We’re very satisfied.”

Photorealistic Rendering of a House

Patrick Bianchi is the Vice President and Co-owner of Development Enterprises. Development Enterprises works on both residential and commercial construction projects. Bianchi was tasked with handling a modern-style home in Florida, and decided to seek VizSource’s help. “We like to illustrate the project as realistically as we can,” Bianchi said. For that end, a 3D rendering is ideal.

Bianchi wanted a 3D rendering that was photorealistic, and completed in a reasonable time-frame for a cost effective price. VizSource was up to this task. “The turnaround time was impressive. It was done in a very timely manner.” Bianchi also noted the expertise of the 3D rendering team. “The designers provided a lot of useful info. I liked the perspective they used for the render.”

The project was completed without issue, much to Bianchi’s delight. “The clients loved the rendering. We’re very satisfied.” Bianchi plans to continue working with VizSource in the future. “The last rendering was excellent, and so we’re going to have you guys do a site plan next.”


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