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"The 3d rendering allowed the project to be visualized"

3D Rendering of a Church Courtyard

Not all VizSource projects focus upon architects. Sometimes, clients come from other sources, as is the case with Teresa Resch of St. Mary’s Church. “We were doing extension work to a memorial garden,” Resch said. “We needed a 3d rendering to show people what it would look like.” Resch wanted those who would be interested in supporting her project to see a strong visual. “We wanted to raise awareness and participation in purchasing memorial spaces.”

Searching for a 3d rendering company, Resch was hoped to find one that “had a quality of service, speed, and the ability to work over long distances.” Resch was intrigued by VizSource. “I saw the 3d rendering samples on the website. I thought VizSource would be a good fit.”

Resch was happy to see what VizSource’s 3d rendering work added. “The 3d rendering allowed the project to be visualized. People want a visual perspective to buy into the project.” She was also happy to report that she had succeeded in her original project goal. “My experience with VizSource was a good one. My suggestion to others is to come prepared with what you want, and be able to communicate your vision.”


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