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Spectrum Design Associates, Inc. needed VizSource to Make a Difficult Sell

Photorealistic Rendering of a Hotel Lobby

Spectrum Design Associates, Inc. had to make a difficult sell. They were stepping into territory that they had not previously ventured into. “The design was entirely different and new, so we had no previous to base it off,” said Keith Ross, CEO. “A new design, new use of material, and unique flooring.” In order to be absolutely certain that the client understood their vision, Ross ambitiously sought out a 3d rendering company that could create photo realism.

Ross ended up choosing VizSource to make that 3d rendering, a decision he would not soon regret. The 3d rendering process was smooth, and the end result was impressive. “The 3d rendering showed a very good quality. You really did a good job bringing out all the design elements and tone colors from the sketches. One could understand what the finished project look would look like with only minimal adjustments.” VizSource’s work allowed Spectrum to be confident that they would sell.

When it came time to present to the client, the 3d rendering was exactly what they where hoping for. “We sold the project with our presentation. The 3d rendering was as good as you can get. It didn’t exaggerate, and it looked just as the building would when it was complete. Things went well and everyone was impressed.” Ross could not have hoped for anything better. “The 3d rendering was of good quality and easily picked up what we were trying to convey. I was really impressed, the quality is like a photograph. I would certainly use VizSource if I need a 3d rendering again.”


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