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"Rapport is important, and Michael and Paige give an awesome vibe."

Sometimes, a 3D rendering is a preferable option even when photographs are possible. Liz Hildebrant, the owner of a small boutique company, came to this conclusion. "We're working to redesign a website. For our client's purposes, stage photography is problematic." Hildebrant believed a rendering would present her concept perfectly.

Given her client's specifications, Hildebrant believed personality was important when choosing a renderer. "I've been doing this a long time. Rapport is important, and Michael and Paige give an awesome vibe. They're great to work with, and that was what I was wanted." VizSource was able to assist Hildebrant in creating a unique and interactive design. "It's very detailed, you can roll over sections and see what's behind it. We put some adjacent rooms into perspective, and it was impressive." Hidlebrant also appreciated some of the smaller details. "We added a cat to one, and that soft gesture gave it a nice touch."

As the renderings have progressed, Hildebrant's reception has been very positive. "Everybody has liked them. The client is detail-oriented, and Paige has helped me to meet her hopes." VizSource gave Hildebrant the communication she was hoping for, and thanks to that, it was a positive experience for her. "I've been very pleased, and my client has been too."


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