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"People would actually mistake the [renderings] for photos"

Photorealistic 3D Rendering of a Kitchen

Melissa Perera of Cambridge Properties was in need of a solid advertisement for a home that was yet to be constructed. She represented a real estate developer, and waiting until the home was completed was simply not a viable option. Perera had tall order and not nearly enough time, so she embraced the only reasonable option for someone in her difficult position. She decided to get a 3d rendering from none other than VizSource.

To Perera, realism was everything in her 3d rendering. “The number one most important aspect was to get a 3d rendering that looked realistic, since we wanted it for marketing purposes.” Of course, VizSource’s 3d rendering work is unrivaled in stunning appearance. “The number one most important aspect was to get something that looked realistic. VizSource gave us just that. People would actually mistake the pictures for photos before we would tell them it was a 3d rendering. I was impressed by the quick turn around as well.” However, VizSource was able to even surpass Perera’s expectation with the exemplary amount of detail on the 3d renderings. “VizSource’s 3d rendering work was very detail oriented. The 3d rendering helped us with the finishes on the home, which is important to buyers”

After she presented the finalized and perfected 3d rendering to potential buyers, Perera was hopeful about the results. “VizSource had quick turn around and high quality. I would say the project was successful. We’ve sold two so far out of the six, so we’re on the right track.” Naturally, her experience was not one she would come to have many regrets about. “I would definitely recommend VizSource. The 3d rendering was timely, accurate, and high quality.”


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