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"People want to see as close to real as possible and that's exactly what you do."

Architectural Rendering of a Funeral Home

Russ Karasch, President of Keystone Design Build, believes visualization is a key part of selling a client on his Funeral Homes. The quality of such can mean the difference between an enthusiastic and a disinterested client. That’s why he choose VizSource to create a 3d Rendering of his vision. “I was looking for quality, and accuracy. There’s plenty of 3d renderings out there of lesser quality but the crispness of yours were the best,” Karasch said.

By working with VizSource, Karasch found a 3d Rendering company that could deliver exactly what he wanted in as little time as possible. “Your company was quick to respond between the initial placing of my order and product finalization.” Karasch was amazed by the realism of the 3d Rendering. “The clarity of the 3d Rendering is impressive. It’s so realistic that when I show people the finished building and the rendering, many people can’t even tell the difference.”

Once Karasch’s 3d Rendering was complete, he was able to make a sale. “It certainly helped, being able to give the client a nice 3d Rendering. The visual was about 90% identical, and that’s probably the most important part.” Like so many before and after him, Karasch was extremely satisfied by his 3d Rendering experience with VizSource. “You do really good work. It’s a great selling feature, I would recommend it to anyone. People want to see as close to real as possible and that’s exactly what you do.”


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