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"People at VizSource are easy to talk to, responsive, make things right, and turn-around is good."

Having a reliable, go-to service creates an invaluable partnership. Derrick Adams is the owner of an architecture firm. He has been working with VizSource for eleven years. "I found VizSource online", Adams said. "There were good products for good prices." His most recent project was a done as a favor for a small college. "They're looking to build a women's softball field, and the rendering is for fundraising purposes."

In this, as in most projects, the rendering provides an important visual. "It gives a realistic look. A lot of clients can't picture in 3D, and it lets them have a better view." With the visuals come an understanding, and the funding follows soon after. "It's a great opportunity for both marketing and fundraising. After over a decade, Adams has formed a strong working relationship with VizSource. "I've been working with Christine for a long time. The people at VizSource are easy to talk to, responsive, make things right, and it's good turn-around time."

Client response has been continually positive. "All my clients have liked the renderings. There's not been anything negative." Though there have been some mistakes made, they've been corrected effectively. "There is the occasional mix-up, but it's nothing insurmountable. It's always resolved quickly." VizSource has made an effective business partner, and Adams calls VizSource "very positive" to work with.


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