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"On the first go, the rendering was 95% correct...everything was satisfying from start to finish"

Effective coordination between a construction and 3d rendering company is essential and invaluable. Matt Pusey, President of a land development company, is well aware of this. While working on a new residential expansion, he decided he wanted a better presentation of his models. "I figured a 3d rendering would add a color perspective, and give us a clearer plan for customers to see," Pusey said.

The ease of communications was a primary concern. "I wanted someone who would be easy to work with. Someone who could easily adjust to what we needed." VizSource's effectiveness in this regard was extremely impressive. "On the first go, the rendering was 95% correct. That made turn-around quick and easy."

The project is still in early stages, and the marketing stage has yet to begin. "Things are just getting underway, and we'll be following up with more models." VizSource gave Pusey exactly what he had hoped for. "There were no problems. Coordination was smooth, and everything was satisfying from start to finish."


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