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"My client's comprehension was immediate...They could see themselves living in the house."

As the architectural industry has evolved, 3D renderings have become an essential part of the process. Tina Triche, owner of a private practice architectural firm, has been in business long enough to see it develop. "I'm old school," Triche said. "I started off drawing with a pen. I never learned the 3D stuff." Nonetheless, Triche reiterates that people have grown accustomed to the benefits of a 3D rendering. "Clients no longer know how to visualize the old fashioned way. Without a rendering, they can't picture. They expect a rendering."

Triche was passionate in her design work on a beautiful custom home. "The house is unique to the person, and I can only hope it will remain timeless. Perfect art is the balance of art and science." With such hopes for the design, Triche was particular about who would render it. "I needed photorealism, and I needed a good bang for the buck. I was a little worried things might get lost in conversation." VizSource was able to use their experience and communication to bring Triche what she needed. "It was a beautiful job. I wasn't looking over anyone's shoulder, and it still came out just how I wanted it."

With the rendering, there was a noteworthy increase in enthusiasm with Triche's clients. "Their comprehension was immediate. Their participation was improved. They could envision it, see themselves living in the house." The design was approved, and the home is awaiting construction. "The clients aren't in a hurry because of the lumber prices, but it'll be built before too long." Triche achieved what she set out to, and she gives her experience with VizSource the highest marks.


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