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Lynn McDuffie used VizSource as an effective rendering company

Architectural Rendering of an Apartment Complex

Lynn McDuffie is the owner of McDuffie Advertising, a company that was contracted to create marketing for a development team. The team was building an apartment complex, and needed to create enthusiasm in for the project in the public. “We ordered the 3d rendering at the request of the developer. This was an upscale residential development,” McDuffie said. A 3d rendering could present the unfinished project with all the complexity and individuality that the final design would one day have. “Perception is everything in my business. Details matter and people’s perception is a lot more keen.”

McDuffie struggled to find the proper angle by which to do the 3d rendering. “We had to make sure we had the right angle. The craziest thing I had to do was cut blocks out, and put them down on the site plan to figure out what we wanted the 3d rendering to look like.” Still, she went on the lookout to find a 3d rendering company that could get the job done. McDuffie searched for a 3d rendering company that could get the job done for a reasonable price. “Being a small shop, cost is most important, but you’ve got to be careful. I’ve used, and done work with people in Pakistan. That was a nightmare.” Eventually, she found VizSource.

VizSource was able to deliver a quality 3d rendering, and gave McDuffie a satisfying customer experience. “I have been in the business for almost thirty years, and you really gotta get it right when it comes to visual representation of a product.”


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