"Just having that visual element in the 3d rendering really helped win out over the competition."

Gloria Nixon of Sterling Services wanted to showcase her company’s finalized product, using a 3d rendering, in order to gain an advantage. She wanted to sell her client on her vision for the project, but she needed to make a good pitch to edge out the competition, and a 3d rendering would do just the trick. “It was a proposal for a new piece of business. We wanted to showcase what the finished product would look like. Having a 3d rendering was important, since it would make the case better than just a written proposal.”

Nixon came to VizSource looking for a 3d rendering company that was “relatively inexpensive, with a quick turn around, and presentable finished product.” She found that VizSource meet her 3d rendering expectations, producing a “good product with a quick turn around that was low cost compared to other 3d rendering companies.” Nixon was especially impressed by the VizSource customer service, which she described as being “helpful”, answering all of her questions.

Supplied with the best 3d rendering service available from VizSource, Nixon was able to successfully make her pitch and was awarded the business. Nixon thanks the 3d rendering for her success. “Just having that visual element in the 3d rendering really helped win out over the competition.” As expected, Nixon was quite satisfied with her 3d rendering experience. “Working with VizSource? It was great.”

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