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Jeff Mabery uses VizSource 3D Renderings to win government contracts for Spectrum Land Planning

3D Rendering of Military Family Housing

When Jeff Mabery from Spectrum Land Planning of Simi Valley, Calif., wanted to work with an exceptional 3D rendering company, he did what we all do when we need to find something — he Googled it. One of the top listings was VizSource, more commonly known as This company actually is the first choice you see in Google’s returned search page, and there are plenty of good reasons why. It didn’t take Jeff long to see that VizSource was going to make his decision easy.

Spectrum Land Planning was bidding on 6 military family housing units located within 6 separate Air Force bases in South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho and New Mexico. A job this size takes years to complete, and has many aspects to it, so investing the right time and money into its presentation will mean a big payoff if Spectrum is awarded the bid. These renderings also will help keep everyone on target as the job progresses. If Spectrum can make the project look easy and under control, then the company will not only win this bid — it then will be in a position for the Air Force to award it other future projects.

Spectrum is no stranger to architectural renderings. The firm has used this technology before, but like all technology, it is ever changing, and it needed to keep pace. As Jeff was searching VizSource’s site, he immediately took notice of the amazing detail applied to the samples. The people walking within the picture, the attention paid to the shadows… these small items all come together to create a virtual photograph of the artist’s imagination. And it is safe to say that there is no superior technology available in the rendering market than what you will find at VizSource. Even though Spectrum had given up some of the control it had vs. using its own in-house rendering services, the tradeoff was well worth it. The end product is far superior, and the outsourcing makes this portion of the project so much easier.

Jeff is glad to report that the customer service was some of the best he has ever experienced. The artist team communicated very well what was expected and agreed upon, and there were no questions left unanswered. The process and the roles each member played was streamlined and easy to follow, making Jeff’s investment worth every penny. The photorealism behind each rendering made it very clear to everyone at Spectrum Land Planning that VizSource will be the No. 1 player when it comes to architectural renderings from now on.


Project Spotlight Interview Questions: Order 1927

Knowing the Client Client’s Name: Jeff Mabery Company name: Spectrum Land Planning

What kind of project did you have VizSource do for you? Six exterior renderings for military family housing Located at 6 air force bases in South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, New Mexico

After the project was done, what was the next step for you? (Tell us more about your project.) Incorporated into a proposal book of drawings to be presented to the government/military.

Do you have a marketing message that you would like to share with us? No.

Was there something that you wanted to achieve by getting the services of a rendering company? Goal: Win the bid from the government for these housing projects.

Were you able to achieve it with what we have done? Still in the process.

What made you decide to get a rendering company? They had been doing in-house 3D models, but this was no longer a possibility.

How did you hear about VizSource? Internet search

What made you decide to use our services over the others? Example renderings on the website caught his attention and impressed him. He tried us first and has continued to come back.

What was it that you liked about us? State an instance that demonstrated this.

Great customer service: always willing and able to communicate; don’t leave questions unanswered High-quality product Streamlined process that was easy to follow Cost-effectiveness Speed: especially how a 2D drawing is brought to life, photo-realistically, in just a few days Overall, there is somewhat less control than when they created their own 3D renderings. However, all the benefits far outweigh this. He plans to use us again.


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