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"It was fantastic."

Architectural Rendering of a Futuristic Skyscraper

Aaron Bohrer decided to get a 3d rendering to market his development project, a high-rise building. When he came to VizSource, Bohrer said that the value of the product seemed “good.” “The VizSource quality of 3d renderings seemed to be fitting for the level of development,” Bohrer said. The price was also an important factor. “We didn’t want to spend too much. We did a comparison of 3d rendering companies, and VizSource was good for the cost.”

Once VizSource was hired, our company went to work on giving Bohrer an ideal customer experience. “You delivered all 3d renderings when we needed them and we were able to make them work for our presentation.” VizSource was extremely efficient in meeting deadlines, which Bohrer took note of. “The overall turn around was great. We did two packages and you turned the second one around in one day.” Like others before him, Bohrer believes that VizSource’s 3d renderings improved the quality of the overall project. “VizSource really helped us to define the project through the quality of 3d rendering, which helped us to make important changes. It was fantastic.”

With the 3d renderings complete, Bohrer successfully turned them into an effective presentation. “This was our first time using a third party for graphics and what we saw was an increase in image quality. The 3d rendering was very detail-rich, and people responded favorably. A graphics consultant even said it was the best presentation he’d seen in 40 years of experience.” Bohrer believes that VizSource’s 3d rendering work was a complete success. “I would say we marketed the project well in large part thanks to VizSource. Any deficit was on our shoulders.”


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