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"It's been great. VizSource is really good to us."

Jeff Jennings is the President of an architecture design company. Once designs are proposed, they often need approval to continue from outside sources. A 3D rendering can be the ideal tool, turning an abstract design blueprint into a fully realized image. Over the past year, Jennings has been working regularly with VizSource to complete a number of such projects. "I needed to hire someone for the job," Jennings said, "and a friend told me VizSource would do good work."

One of VizSource's greatest skills is in delivering a consistent product. Jeff has seen this time and time again. "I get what I'm looking for. It's always a good 3d representation." Without much room for error, and VizSource is careful and meticulous in their work. "There's never been any issues," Jennings notes. Every project has gone smoothly and according to plan.

It's this consistency and ease that has made VizSource a valuable partner. "So far, every project has gone perfectly." Jenning's clients have agreed. "They've always been very happy with the renderings. There's never any complaints, the feedback is always good." With such reliable service, Jennings has been happy to return again and again. "It's been great. VizSource is really good to us."


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