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"It looked exactly like the finished construction - Clients asked how we got it to look so real!"

Perhaps the most important mark of a quality rendering is the accurate prediction of how a project will look. This was what brought Sarah Smith to VizSource. Smith is the Vice President of Design at a general contractor, construction, and project management company. "I wanted people to be able to see how a project would look ahead of time, for premarketing purposes," Smith said. It was important that the rendering portrayed the house realistically. "I wanted something real, something that wasn't cartoonish." Such projects work under tight deadlines, and as such, the speed at which a realistic rendering can be completed is vital. "The turnaround time was great, for one reason: it was very quick." Despite the speed at which VizSource worked, there were no missteps. "We had no issues at all. Paige was a great project manager, and I liked working with Michael too."

VizSource delivered the realism and accuracy that Smith sought. "It looked exactly like the eventual finished construction. Clients have responded the same, asking how we got it to look so real!" Time and time since, VizSource has given Smith the same great experience. "We've done a few projects now, and they've all looked life like. We'll keep using VizSource with our upcoming projects, because it's always a 10/10."


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