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Inventor Marcy McKenna wins a spot on Home Shopping Network

3D Rendering of a Bathroom and Bedroom

Every day thousands of people have ideas for new products and inventions that can change the world, however many are unsure where to start. Most new inventors do not have the budget to create product samples, which can be costly and time consuming; especially in the early development stages when a product is still evolving. A resource that is becoming more and more instrumental to product designers and inventors is 3D renderings, which are both cost effective and fast to produce. Additionally, they can help finalize a design and identify potential flaws before it is too late and thousands of dollars have already been spent. A 3D rendering is a foundation upon which all new products can and should be built.

A born innovator, Marcy McKenna is one inventor who has never been intimidated by a challenge. As a result she has achieved incredible success in the business world and most recently was the winner of TLC’s reality show Homemade Millionaire with Kelly Ripa. VizSource has created renderings of several products for Marcy, the first of which was the Style & Go, a compact hair styling management system. Within a week’s time, Marcy needed to present her invention to The Ritz Carlton who was thinking of incorporating the system into their hotels across the country. With such a short deadline to put together a full proposal, Marcy contacted VizSource to create a rendering showcasing her product in a natural, realistic setting. Since this was the first time Marcy had worked with VizSource, she appreciated the level of customer attention she received. Overall, Marcy was “blown away” by the professionalism and thorough process. The VizSource team was with Marcy each step of the way and when the final rendering was sent out, Marcy said that it far exceeded her expectations. She loved the realistic setting, attention to detail, and crisp design of the rendering.

Marcy’s Style & Go system was a huge success with the Ritz Carlton as well as the Home Shopping Network (HSN). In fact, it will be the first product launched by Marcy on HSN this summer. Marcy’s second product, the Polish Parlor, was also picked up by the HSN solely based on her VizSource rendering. This is just another example of how a extraordinary rendering can turn a simple idea into a profitable reality.

If you would like to view the finished version of Marcy’s Style & Go product, click below.

Highlights from the Project Spotlight Interview:

What were some of the features of your project that you wanted to make sure stood out?

I wanted to show the product in use or in an environment. I absolutely loved the realistic setting VizSource placed it in.

After the project was finished, what was the next step for you?

I had to create a full product synopsis to present to the HSN. They loved the concept and immediately signed on to sell 2,000 to 3,000 of them!

How will you describe your experience with us?

From the first conversation I had with a VizSource employee, I felt you really grasped the concept of the project. I appreciated the professionalism and the end result far and above exceeded my expectations.


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