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"In all the 3d renderings we've worked on together, they've always met or exceeded expectations"

3D Rendering of a Hotel on a Riverfront

Mr. L.M. Dyson of Legacy Lofts came to VizSource many times in the past, and Dyson is a frequent client. Over the past few years, VizSource has been working on a 3d rendering project with Dyson. VizSource has been doing updates for his ongoing development project. “It’s a hotel on the riverfront, near Baylor University,” Dyson said of his project. Although several have been completed, the 3d rendering shown above is the most recent design for the hotel. The beauty of the 3d rendering reflects the effort and skill needed to design it, from both the renderers and the builders.

Dyson continues to work with VizSource for his 3d rendering, praising the attention to detail. “I always use VizSource, they’re the best at giving me the level of detail and the kinds of 3d renderings that I have come to expect.” Dyson particularly praises the VizSource team for the success the renderings have brought. “They’re all great. They’re able to work with what I give them without needing much help.” VizSource’s employees are dedicated, attentive, and experienced.

Legacy Lofts has yet to finish the hotel and the project remains ongoing, but Dyson is sure he’ll return to VizSource for any future 3d rendering services. “In all the 3d renderings we’ve worked on together, they’ve always met or exceeded expectations. VizSource is excellent, outstanding.” Dyson’s praise is yet another to add to VizSource’s history of customer satisfaction.


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