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"I've been impressed by the quality and time frame. It's been an excellent experience."

Diane Hendrix is the sole proprietor of a small architecture company. Hendrix frequently needs to get approval for her projects from outside sources. "I need a good pitch to get approval for zoning," Hendrix said. A 3D rendering is often required to effectively communicate her ideas.

VizSource has been Hendrix's go-to rendering company for over six years. "I wanted a company that could provide professional service, and VizSource seemed like a good fit." The most important considerations are time, cost, and quality of the rendering. Those considerations are exactly what VizSource emphasizes. "I've been impressed by the quality and the time frame." It's good work, done fast, and at a reasonable price.

Given the accuracy and quality of the renderings, Hendrix has been successful with them. "Clients have responded positively, and everything has gone smoothly. Any problems have been resolved without issue." VizSource has proven itself reliable time and time again. "It's been an excellent experience."


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