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"I know I'm not going to go looking for any other company. You're our go-to."

Rendering of a Medical Pavilion

Peter Psathas wanted to help his company’s construction of a Medical Pavilion. He wanted to get out “marketing material” for perspective clients. He decided that a 3d rendering would be the most effective to show the public his company’s visions for the completed building. While this was not his first time seeking out a 3d rendering, Psathas was dissatisfied with the work done by foreign 3d rendering companies. “Anyone who’s not American based gives me garbage,” Psathas said. “I’ve found work with people from Asia or Eastern Europe, and it doesn’t look like anything an American would build.” He decided to give VizSource a shot.

Psathas wanted a 3d rendering company that would give “a reasonable price, and quick turnaround”. Psathas was impressed to find that VizSource delivered even more. “You guys worked with me, and made the 3d rendering look presentable and respectable. Those other guys, they just asked what I wanted and then spat out garbage.” He was increasingly surprised by how “high-def, clear and crisp” the finalized 3d rendering was.

Of the project’s current status, Psathas noted that it was still under development. “We’re trying to pre-lease, but it’s a big undertaking.” All and all, Psathas was extremely satisfied by his experience working with VizSource and with his 3d rendering. “Your turn around time was quick, the price was reasonable, and it take a few seconds to notice it’s a 3d rendering. The people working there knew what questions to ask to get the right product. I know I’m not going to go looking for any other company. You’re our go-to. It’s quick, professional work.”


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