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“I just want to tell you how blown away we are by the quality of these renderings!"

3D Rendering of an Airport Interior

Justin Yonk, of Pluto web design, was challenged with creating an interactive website for his client, Smokeguard. The fire safety company manufactures fireproof curtains that can seal off a room and leave it unharmed in the event of a catastrophic fire. These curtains are revolutionizing fire safety in hospitals, airports and other high traffic structures. Justin’s team was assigned to showcase their client’s products in a professional and intelligent fashion, on an easy to use website.

Justin was pleased with the layout and design of the site, but the 2D renderings of the Smokeguard curtains detracted from the overall presentation. “The drawings just didn’t show the detail we needed” Mr. Yonk said. After a google search of 3D rendering, he found VizSource and was blown away by the photorealistic quality of the renderings. VizSource was his first choice. “I liked how knowledgeable your staff was, you’re a U.S company, and the price was right” Mr. Yonk said.

Pluto web design contracted three renderings, and was amazed by the turn around time and attention to detail. “The people in the rendering definitely added to the realism” Yonk stated. VizSource’s eye for detail made Pluto’s project a success, and they are currently getting the renderings on the site.

Justin stated he was extremely pleased with the fluidity of the whole project, “the one-on-ones with the project manager were really convenient.” He expressed how thrilled his client was, and that the renderings made his project come together. He said Pluto will definitely be using VizSource’s services in the near future.

“I just want to tell you how blown away we are by the quality of these renderings! They are awesome, and our client loves them!” -Justin Yonk, Pluto web design


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