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“I almost cried because the rendering was exactly what I envisioned.”

3D Rendering of an Outdoor Common Area

The First United Methodist Church is launching a combined community church project that will become part of the Beautification Movement of the small town of Brooksville, FL. The project is designed to bring together the community through the sharing of mutual interests and activities.

The Brooksville Common will be located in the now vacant lot where the original 1914 First Presbyterian Church was built. Adjacent to the Common is a Civil War Mural by Artist Antonio “Tony” Caparello. The space will provide a park-like setting that will offer a place for people to gather for various purposes, such as event services, meetings, weddings, festivals and concerts, etc.

Gene Manuel and Gary Wilson reached out to VizSource to bring their vision to life, so that they could present it to the community and get them excited about the project. After working diligently with the VizSource Team, Gary’s design and vision came to life in a beautiful 3D Rendering.

“I almost cried because the rendering was exactly what I envisioned.” -Dr. Gary Wilson

The 3d rendering helped the Church Committee raise the funds to begin the construction and development process. The project is expected to begin construction at the end of 2013.

Gary Wilson, explained his experience with VizSource as a “Wonderful Working Relationship”. He was impressed by the low cost of production. Because of the historic value of the project, it was critical to get the correct details of the design features, Dr. Wilson was very pleased with the project coordinating and impressed by the exact match the rendering team represented.

As a Special Thanks, the Church Committee recognized VizSource in the incredible video they produced of the Brooksville Commons Project:


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