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“Having a picture of the end result gave us some insight. We were able to tweak the design.”

3D Rendering of a Kitchen Renovation

Derk Mattocks is the C.O.O. of an executive coaching and professional development company. His son was working to renovate a kitchen, and Mattocks believed a 3D rendering would help. “My son wanted a visual of the potential outcome. We discussed it, and agreed to purchase a 3D rendering.”

Visualization of the plan was key. “I wanted to help him understand the plan and what the completed project would look like.” As Mattocks had hoped, VizSource’s 3D rendering pushed the process forward. “Having a picture of what the end result was, it gave us some insight. We tweaked the design a bit here and there.” Like many other customers, Mattocks was pleased with VizSource’s timeliness and quality. “The turnaround time was swift, and everyone seemed professional. My son seemed quite pleased.” VizSource worked to perfect the rendering to their specifications.

Mattocks found that the final rendering had an appealing color coordination. Both father and son were happy with the rendering. “I liked it, it served my purpose. My son seemed pleased, and my daughter-in-law did as well.” With the understanding given by the rendering, Mattocks’ son was able to complete his project. “I just came by there to visit and they’re putting the finishing touches on it. We’ve accomplished what we set out to do.”


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