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"Great process, great people, great price and a fantastic final 3d Rendering"

3D Rendering of an Office Building Interior

Successful renovation work requires an an accurate visualization of your project, or else risking both time and money. Sometimes, you or your client just can’t picture how a finished renovation without the help of a 3d Rendering. That’s were VizSource comes in.

Joel Perry, founder of Indwell Architecture was requested to order a 3d Rendering by one of his clients, who was hoping to find people interested in leasing the property. “I think visualization is important for us and for the client. A 3d Rendering allows us to comprehend the final appearance,” said Perry.

Perry wanted a 3d Rendering company that would be able to work quickly and effectively. VizSource was “absolutely” willing and able. What’s better, Perry was greatly assisted by VizSource’s helpful and efficient staff. “I feel the people working there helped me out a lot. Michael, the project coordinator, they talked me through the 3d Rendering process.” The staff assisted Perry to complete his project in the most timely manner possible.

The buildings themselves have yet to be finished. Although this means that they have also been yet to find a leasing client, Perry seems to remain confident that the 3d Renderings were a successful part of the project, and will be happy to work with VizSource for his future 3d Rendering needs.

“Great process, great people, great price and a fantastic final 3d Rendering. You can’t do better than that.” — Joel Perry


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