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Fine Homes International Showcases a VizSource 3D rendering and Sells a Home before building it.

3D Rendering of a Tropical Home

In today’s housing market, it is critical to have an extra element that sets your property apart from the competition. 3D Renderings make a lasting impression on potential buyers at a low cost. A high quality rendering is especially necessary when selling a home or building still under construction. This was just the case with Brian Ritz, General Contractor of Ritz Home Design. The buying season in Naples, FL is only from January to May. With his beach house not yet finished and an open house looming in March, Brian needed a 3D rendering to show prospective buyers. He was also under a tight print deadline since the image was scheduled to appear on the cover of Fine Homes and Luxury Lifestyles magazine, which was going to print within a week’s time.

Brian found the solution when he came across our company while scouring the internet for ways to get renderings done fast. He was very impressed by the quality of samples on our website and noticed we offered expedited turnaround as well. After Brian spoke with us on the phone, he was confident that we were a company he could trust to get the job done quickly and correctly, but not compromise quality.

Once the project was initiated, Brian began working with our project coordinator to go over all the details he wanted portrayed in his rendering. One of the most important elements of the house Brian wanted to stand out was the West Coast influence in the building materials and landscaping. Using a well designed structure with eye catching greenery, we made certain the final product was an inviting image combining California style with Florida luxury. This was exactly what Brian was looking for in a magazine cover rendering.

Thanks to our seamless process, the rendering was accurately completed on deadline. Fine Homes and Luxury Lifestyles magazine was then distributed to over 3,000 people. Due to the high resolution renderings we offer, Brian was even able to include a poster size image of the rendering at the open house for prospective buyers to admire. With a successful rendering to market his property, Brian sold the house well before it was finished.

Highlights From the Project Spotlight Interview:

What was your goal in getting the services of a rendering company?

The house was not finished so I wanted buyers to see something before the open house on March 15. The buying in Naples is seasonal between January and May, so I had a limited amount of time to work with.

Were you able to achieve your goal with what we have done?

Yes, the rendering helped quite a bit. I sold the property before the open house! The magazine publisher sent me a poster of the rendering as well that I was able to display during the open house.

How will you describe your experience with us?

VizSource was so easy to work with! You guys were fantastic! The accuracy and turnaround time were great!


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