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"Customers tend to be surprised when you tell them that a picture is just a 3d rendering"

3D Rendering of a Commercial Exterior

Two years ago, we interviewed the President of Keystone Design Build, Russ Karasch. His company specializes in Funeral and Dental design-building. We decided to check in with Karasch again, to find out why he has continued to work with VizSource. “The 3d renderings are a good selling point,” Karasch said. “People can see the finished project before it even begins.”

Karasch noted that he believes VizSource’s 3D renderings are above average. “I like the visuals, and the quality of the 3d rendering is good too. VizSource can take actual materials and make a life-like, good representation of the finished product.” He continued to define what he valued in VizSource. “I wanted a 3d rendering company that would be timely, have good turn-around, and be cost-effective.”

Overall, Karasch noted that he has been able to count on VizSource’s “willingness” to correct mistakes. “If there are ever any issues, VizSource works to keep me happy.” Karasch says that the cost, price, turn-around time, and willingness to work with him are the reasons he returns to VizSource time and time again. “Customers tend to be surprised when you tell them that a picture is just a 3d rendering. It’s just great value for the price and impressive quality.”


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