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"All of my feedback was implemented... When I gave instructions, they were followed the first time"

Some projects require passing a delicate approval process. These projects have less room for error, and more need for accuracy in their presentation. Such was the task faced by Trent Timmons, owner of a residential and commercial development company. "We wanted to construct in a historical site," Timmons said, "and so we needed approval from the city park planning department." For this crucial step, Timmons entrusted VizSource.

Timmons needed the rendering done quickly and accurately. "I was pushed for time, and so I needed everything done in a timely manner." Timmons was pleased with how effectively VizSource was able to work. "Turn-around was great. The woman I worked with was sharp. We screen shared and discussed the project, and she made notes. It was was very productive." There were no corners cut, and corrections were made quickly. "All of my feedback was implemented, and without having to wait long. When I gave instructions, they were followed the first time. There were no problems."

The rendering was essential to the approval process. "It really helped the historical board. They're not developers, so the visual got the point across in a way words or blueprints couldn't." The vision was clear, and so the board approved. The project is now under construction, and Timmons looks towards working with VizSource again. "We'll certainly hire VizSource again. Very professional, good turn-around time. Maybe in the future we'll look towards sales and marketing."


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